Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Ladle that was a spoon

At the very beginning of this new adventure I mentioned how I sourced a branch of wild cherry that my neighbor has lopped off and left on the side of the pavement.
It was mostly straight but had a fork in it towards the top end.   I thought the Y sides would make a good ladle.  Subsequently Ive seen a few YouTube vids that pretty much say the way I tried was the rank amateurs mistake approach.

Well the one thing this carving malarky has taught me is that if at first it doesnt look like you will succeed change the plan and then say that was what you were aiming for.  Its worked for me till now.

This is the roughed ladle - already its looking a bit "off". The back is too straight and the bowl area is just too small and odd shaped.
So I lopped most of the bowl off with a small hand saw and was left with this.

Note the healing scar on my thumb/knuckle  - I was cutting a piece of wood with a new saw when it bowed out to the left whilst pushing the saw and it bit me - hard and deep.  I know myself well enough to have found a cloth, put pressure on it and then locate the garden bench, tie my arm up to the washing line and wait for the world to spin. Spinning over I got up slowly, checked the wound and did some DIY skin bonding and then carried on.  The result is A) I didnt fall over and gash my head or worse fall through the greenhouse. B) by applying pressure straight away there was minimal bleeding and the cut was kept clean.   Im still rubbish as sawing. 

I actually finished the spoon tonight - Ill have to get a photo of the finished product but here are a few of it on the way to being finished.  Its not pretty but I like it.